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Daily Dog Walks

Daily Dog Walks provide a much needed and deserved break for your Pals to stretch their legs with a nice long walk. Also included in our dog walks is basic training. Our jobs as Pet Sitters would not be complete without also reinforcing all basic commands. Every walk with your dog will be a lesson- No more pulling, barking at other dogs and jumping at people. During these visits they will also be kept to their schedule receiving:

The benefit to your Dog is far greater than you could ever imagine. By using up some of their day time energy and reducing their boredom and anxiety of being alone all day, it will help minimize mischief and possibly put an end to it all together. Your Dog needs a social life, and We like to think of ourselves as their daytime Mommy and Daddy. Puppies do fabulous with this service and it is a huge help to the pet owner. From a young age you are providing them with security, socialization and a schedule. All of these things create the perfect environment to raise a healthy, well-balanced, well mannered, social, loving Dog.

Daily Dog Walking Rates

1/2 hour
1 Hour

Each additional dog, $2 per visit.
No extra charge during 1 hour visit.

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Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting service provides a healthy, stress-free environment for your Pals. They get to stay in the comfort of their own home and do what they normally do. They are able to rest in their favorite spots, and play with their favorite toys. If you have never tried a service like this before it may be hard for you to think of your Pet at home alone while you travel. Yes, they do sense something is different because you’re not there but our visits are designed around their normal schedule. So when your Pup is looking for you to play, eat or go potty we show up with the perfect one-on-one attention they so deserve. Your Best Friend (and now ours) will be:

We will also take care of your home. We will rotate your lights each visit, bring in your mail and newspapers, open and close shades, water the plants, take the trash out... anything you need us to do is no problem. You can leave us a shopping list and we'll be happy to stock the fridge with fresh milk or whatever you need upon your arrival home. We are also big on communication so you will receive plenty of text messages with photos attached to help ease your mind, a favorite of all our clients. Calling us at anytime is fine, we need you to feel comfortable while you travel. When you return a very detailed report on their behavior each visit will be waiting for you as well. Best of all, you will come home to a happy and healthy pet who was obviously very well taken care of.

"The Standard"

Three 30-minute visits $60.

Each additional Dog is $2 per day.

"The Golden"

Two 30-minute visits and one extended visit of 1 hour.

You choose which time of day the extended visit will be. $65.

Each additional Dog is $2 per day.

"The Platinum Pooch"

Two extended visits of 1 hour and one 30 minute visit. $75.

Each additional Dog is $2 per day

"The Frisky Feline & Friends"

One 20-minute visit....... $15.

Includes feeding, water change, litter maintance, love and house needs.

Includes up to 3 Cats.
Each additional Cat is $1 per visit.
Additional fee applies for a full litter change.
Price based on daily visits.

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Overnight Slumber Parties

Overnight Slumber Parties are at our home. If you are uncomfortable with leaving your pet at home, we will open our home to you. They will maintain their normal schedule and be treated like part of our family. This service is limited. We don't believe in having more than one visitor at a time. We do have a beautiful Bischon named, Polly, who is secretly the boss of our family. She needs her friends to be nice, playful and loving. She also requests that her friends are similar in size, she is timid around dogs that are much larger. My advice is to book as early as you can but we will do our best to accommodate any last minute requests.

Slumber Party Rates

Call for availibility and rates

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Pet Taxi

Pet Taxi service is awesome! This service helps you to better manage your time and life, and gives you one less thing to worry about. You don't have to take off work to get the pet to the Vet or leave it for the weekend to go to the groomers ‘cause that always seems to be a full day event.... you know, waiting for the call! We will drop off and pick up at the groomers (when we get that call). We stay with your pet throughout their Vet visit to give them sweet talk, love and hugs. For these visits we require you to make payment arrangements prior to our arrival and we require that you be reachable for any decision-making. Take advantage of this service because it really saves you money and time in this busy life.

Pet Taxi

Hourly rate..............$20.

Includes gas and mileage within 5 miles of Plainsboro. Minimum charge of 1 hour.

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Pet Food Pick-up

Free service to our customers. Just let us know what you need and we'll get it. For Seniors, the Disabled and the Ill who are challenged by weekly visits to the pet store, we also offer this service to you.... free as well. Call for details.

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Pooper Scooper Pick-up

It's a dirty job but someone's gotta' do it! It is very important to the health of your pets, other animals that live in the wild and your family that your yard is clean of Poop. We will clean it up and your landscaper will be thankful too.

Pooper Scooper Pick-up

$25 1 cleaning a month
$30 2x a month
$40 4x a month

Prices are subject to additional fees depending on number of animals, condition and size of property and distance from our home base.

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All services outside a 7-mile radius of our home base are subjected to additional fees for travel of $.50 per mile. A Holiday charge of $5. per visit apply on July 4th, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Day, New Years Eve and Day. Return check fee is $35.

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