Rand and I just wanted to thank you and Anthony for your amazing help with our furry family while we were away. We are so touched by your genuine love and concern for our furry familie's well being and feel so blessed and lucky to have found you. At this point, we don't even consider you a "sitting service" ~ you are family to us!!

We also want to thank you for going far, far, above and beyond your services. From running out to buy more cat kibble (sorry about that!), to toweling off Belle's behind (okay, you are sooo going to Heaven!), to taking out the garbage (you DIDN'T have to do that!!!) ~ all of which did not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Finally, we absolutely loved your note. It is so evident to us that you really have taken the time to get to know our animal's personalities and quirks!! You definitely have them down (like Grace having to have her nose in everything, Jitters needing therapy, and Belle nodding her head up and down (you don't have to have Anthony vouch for you, she DOES do that with us too! Our children are brilliant...ha ha!), to Edmund, well, being Edmund.

This email is just a long way of saying THANK YOU! We are so lucky to have found you both and cannot even imagine anyone else ever helping us with our furry family other than you and Anthony.

Thanks again for everything!

With love and appreciation,

Kelly and Rand

Just wanted to say thank you again for taking such good care of Marley. She is her happy little self, just like before we left. And thank you for the extras you did for us! The garbage cans/recycling was a last minute thought and we really appreciate your help with that. Thank you also for the doggie blanket. We will call you in the future whenever we have to travel. Take care! Erica

Adam & I would like to express our gratitude for the wonderful work you did for Bones while we were away. We were at complete ease while we were gone. The daily messages & pictures were just wonderful. Bones was 100% himself as soon as we walked in the door. I actually think he misses you guys. :(

You have an amazing professional way as well as a personal touch which is very rare in this world today. It is usually either one or the other.

I've communicated with other pet sitters in the past and not one has asked as many questions as you did about Bones's favorite things, dislikes, how he plays etc. I have not come across any other sitter that was really concerned with all of that. Obviously, they were NEVER hired!

Thanks again for helping nervous Mommy's & Daddy's to be at ease. Keep up the awesome work!

Hope to see you again sometime soon.

Lynn, Adam & Bones

Thank you so much for everything you've done for me and Oreo. Your guidance and patience have gotton me through tough times with him. You're always there when I need you and you taught me how to have fun with my dog again. He has improved so much since you have been around. I hope that you stick around with us for a long time and I know Oreo feels the same way!!

Thanks again,

Karen T

Just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful job you do. It is so refreshing to be able to go away and relax and have a good time and know that Selena and Rico are in such good and loving hands. When we come home, they are happy to see us--but we can tell in their demeanor that they were happy and content while we were gone. We have your cards and will enthusiastically pass them out to those people we know who have four-legged children like us! Thanks again and we'll be calling again soon! Take care.

Warm Regards,
Sheila & Fred.

Just a little note to again say thank you for watching L.D. A positive experience for us both! L.D. loves the two toys you sent him home with. He especially loves them at bedtime when we go to bed and he picks a toy to bring with him. Sqweek, Sqweek and he tosses it around for a while in bed till he falls asleep.
Will be in touch again in the future sometime.

Thanks again,

I just wanted to thank you for Sam's presents and for taking such good care of him for us. He seemed so happy and not stressed when we got him home -- thanks so much! I hope you enjoyed the Cesar Milan Seminar.

Stay well and thanks again,

Cats look great. I'm very happy that I chose you to watch them, I went away with peace of mind. I would highly recommend you to anyone seeking a pet sitter and would happily vouch for you anytime. Thanks for everything, Pat

You did such a great job with the cats. We really appreciated your emails and your note. We had not one worry while we were away.
Anyway, we'd love to have you come again next time we go on vacation.

Thanks again,

I started their service because I worked very long hours and I could tell it was taking a toll on my dog Stylez, a Pit Bull and Boxer mix. He was becoming more anxious and hyper. I luckily found Amy and Anthony through a friend that raved about them. Shortly after I started service, Daily Dog Walks, Stylez returned to his normal self. I find Pet Pals to be reliable, professional and they have a genuine concern for my dogs well-being. I consider them to be a very important part of my dog’s life; keeping him happy and healthy. For me, the best part about their service is that I never have to worry or feel guilty about leaving Stylez. They are always available no matter what notice I give them. I trust them and appreciate everything they do for me and my Stylez.

Mike Giachetti
Plainsboro, New Jersey

I would like to express our appreciation to Pet Pals for their excellent care of our pets, 3 Golden Retrievers who we call the Girls, during our recent vacation. Amy and Anthony are such caring professionals and our dogs really love them.

They took the time, two visits before our trip, to get to know the Girls. They learned their routines, likes and dislikes and personalities. While we were away, Amy and Anthony sent pictures of the Girls to us and text messaged reports. We felt so comfortable leaving them in their own home where they were so well cared for. They were brushed daily and played with three times a day.

It is wonderful to have Pet Pals so that we can travel and not have to worry about the Girls.

I could not recommend Pet Pals more highly.

Trish Gleason

My family and I recently went away and we didn’t want to Kennel our dog. He was rescued from a shelter and we thought going back to that enviornment would traumatize him. I knew from the start when I spoke with Amy that she was a very caring professional. She insisted the children meet her so they would be comfortable with the arrangements when they were gone. Once we all met I felt a lot more at ease leaving my precious Cinamon behind. I was really impressed with them and by the time they left our home Amy and Anthony felt like family.

When we were gone they sent us Text messages everyday with updates and funny photos that really made my children happy. When we came home our boy and the house were exactly how we left it. Cinamon was happy and healthy and I have them to thank. Thank You Pet Pals!!

Ruthie Simons,
Plainsboro, New Jersey